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Second Anniversary of CCMC Korean Ministry

Updated: May 30, 2020

Celebrating God's Faithfulness

by Ong Ai Choo

The Korean Ministry (KM) at Covenant Community Methodist Church (CCMC) was launched in May 2018 to reach the Korean community in Upper Bukit Timah. Ps Joheun Park leads the KM as missionary pastor.


On 24 May 2020, the KM at CCMC celebrated its second anniversary in a very special way! Via zoom!

It was a joyous event with CCMC leaders sending warm congratulatory messages. Friends and supporters from the church, including Koreans who were involved in KM and who have returned to Korea, joined the Zoom celebrations in worship songs and praise to God.

Screenshot of part of the congregation at the Korean Ministry's second anniversary Zoom service.

Members of the KM also shared their deep appreciation of what KM means to them.

“We appreciate Ps Park’s devotion and dedication, teaching, quiet leadership and hard work in serving and guiding your flock here…. You’ve given so much of your time, energy and heart to the KM and our church. It is my privilege to be part of this very lean but whole-hearted team.” – Sherlyn Yeung (Basic English Class teacher)

“I really admire Ps Park’s vision and the ‘I can do it’ attitude of the ministry.”

– Jillian Yeo (KM worship service)

“The people are really sweet-natured… warm, sincere, authentic…. And I like Ps Park’s sermons…. He has a unique way of looking at things… insightful and practical to our daily lives” – Dr Megan Pee (Sunday School and Korean worship service)

“There’s so much positive energy – warmth, fun, enjoyment, passion and enthusiasm in the ministry…. God brought many beautiful angels… kind, gentle and loving friends…. Their thoughtfulness, graciousness and generosity touch my heart... like the gentle breeze from heaven that soothes my spirit….” – Dr Ong Ai Choo (KM worship service)

"Hello everybody, I wanted to tell you something. I really enjoyed the Sunday School. And I remember the time that I did the Christmas play with my friends and it was very fun. I'll miss my friends and teachers.” – Cherin Yung, aged 7 (Sunday School)

This was followed by an inspiring video entitled “Footprints of the Year” that retraced the KM journey over the past year from 22 May 2019 when it celebrated the first anniversary, bringing nostalgic memories of events and activities.


|| Our First KM Wedding

On 17 September 2019, Darren Tan and Choi Hanbell took their marriage vows officiated by our Rev Malcolm Tan.

The purpose of having a Korean ministry in CCMC is to have Koreans worshipping within a local church rather than setting up another Korean church. As the world becomes increasingly international, more international couples, including Koreans with spouses from other nationalities, will settle in Singapore. These international couples would be more comfortable joining a congregation comprising Koreans and Singaporeans.

Darren and Hanbell’s marriage reflects the unique character of KM and the integration of Koreans into the CCMC community.

|| Baptisms

The first Korean baptism at CCMC took place on Easter Sunday 2019 when Lee EnJin was baptised and received into CCMC membership. EnJin and her family worships regularly at our KM worship service. Her baptism not only shows her commitment to the Lord, but also signifies her and her family’s commitment to the Korean congregation within CCMC.

EuJin with her husband, Samuel Chan, and Ps Park after her baptism.

November marked another significant spiritual milestone for Choi Hanbell and Darren Tan as they received baptism and become members of CCMC church family.

|| Children’s Christmas Item

The KM kids enacted a most heart-warming nativity play at the Korean Christmas worship service. The atmosphere was one of joy and excitement as proud parents and the congregation happily snapped pictures of the presentation.

This Christmas performance was the prologue to the inception of a KM Sunday school. It turned out to be very successful with parents and children expressing interest to attend the Sunday school.


The KM continues to reach out to the Korean community through two courses that are offered over two semesters each year.

|| Basic English Class

This is conducted every Monday for Korean homemakers. Students practice speaking English as well as reading the Bible in class. They enjoy the warm, friendly and fun atmosphere of sharing and friendship with fellow students. They appreciate the enthusiasm, energy and passion of a team of very dedicated and caring teachers.

Basic English Class gathering

|| Bible Study in English

The homemakers who attend this weekly class come mostly from the Basic English Class, and comprise Christians and pre-believers who desire to learn more about the Bible. Through this time of learning about God, they received assurance of their salvation. A few of them have prayed to receive Christ as their personal Saviour.

Through this time of learning about God, they received assurance of their salvation.


|| Korean-English Worship Service

The Korean-English worship service is attended by Koreans and non-Koreans. It is conducted weekly except on the first Sunday of the month when the Korean congregation is encouraged to join the main CCMC congregation for Holy Communion as one church.

The KM worship service is led by a gifted and anointed worship team of guitarists, pianists and drummers. It is a very powerful time of worship as the congregation raise the voices singing in heartfelt praise as the Holy Spirit moves in our midst.

|| Sik Gu (식구)

The Korean ministry organises regular Sik Gu fellowships to foster bonding among the Korean members. They gather together to eat, share and pray for one another. From monthly gatherings at members’ homes, the Sik Gu now meets weekly via zoom to support and encourage fellow Koreans who feel isolated because of the COVID-19 circuit breaker measures.


|| KM Sunday School

In response to the growing interest expressed by Korean parents, the Sunday School in English and Korean, known as KM Kids, was started in January 2020 for children aged 3 to 12. The goal is to plant seeds of God’s Word in their hearts so they will come to know Christ as their personal Saviour and be nurtured in their faith during their time in Singapore. The model is Luke 2:52 – “Jesus grew in stature and wisdom, in favour with God and man.”

Sunday School is exciting and enjoyable for the KM kids as they engage in activities while learning Bible stories. Two young brothers who visited for the first time didn’t want to go home. “It’s the best church I’ve attended,” they said.

Two young brothers who visited for the first time didn’t want to go home.


The CB measures introduced in April impacted the KM activities in significant ways. Most of the activities went on line. Though the KM Kids were not able to physically gather, we continued to stay in touch with them through the sharing of teaching videos with their parents.

We continue to believe God to continue the wonderful works He has begun in the KM. Looking forward, CCMC’s Korean ministry seeks to focus on Sunday School as a key strategic ministry, while continuing with our outreach and nurturing work.

Maranatha! The Lord is nigh!


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