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  • Justin Tan

CCMC has a Playlist on Spotify!

by Justin Tan

Image Credit: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

When Covid-19 forced the church to scale back into one onsite service, the Worship Ministry was presented with the challenge of a blended service, but it also allowed us to celebrate the diverse group of worshippers in our family. Throughout this time, we were surprised by the warm reception of newer songs and heartened by the appreciation for traditional hymns. Taking this with us into the new year, the idea of a worship playlist was first initiated at the end of 2022 with one simple objective; to better facilitate the congregation in corporate worship.

We wanted to create a resource that the church could worship together with both in and out of service. To have a songlist that allowed both old and new songs to become familiar songs for us all. It went through several rounds of vetting to ensure musical suitability and a good mix of songs, but more importantly to affirm the theology we would be singing about. Join us in seeking the Lord to weave us together in deep corporate worship and we invite you to freely use this playlist during your car rides, on your morning walks, whenever you want!

CCMC is on Spotify with a Lent playlist!

Download at:

The Worship and Music Ministry invite you to use this playlist during your car rides, morning walks, background music, whenever you want!


Justin is the Blended Service Song IC in the Worship & Music Ministry in CCMC


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