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  • Alicia Tan

Worshipping with Children and through Children

by Simon Israel

“Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also my father who sent me” [Mark 9:36]

Claire and Zoe on stage with Simon, Shu-Lyn, Joseph and the Praise Band during Children's Day service.

Jesus would have been happy on Children’s Day to have Claire and Zoe leading our congregation in Worship, ably supported by Shu-Lyn and the Praise Band.

It was a wonderful experience for the two girls. Something they will always remember; a step on their spiritual journey. It is also a reminder to us that our children are the future of the church.

It was a very personal experience for me also, the opportunity to play guitar with the Praise Band for Worship and to be there performing with Zoe. A very meaningful Children’s Day service and Daughter-Dad day on 8 October.

In the background leading up to this, my wife Alicia was prompting me to join CCMC guitar classes and Zoe’s interest in singing with her participation in two Choirs.

I was delighted to see a large group of children taking CCMC guitar lessons under the tutelage of Mervin John. Our adult class was very diverse, with beginners, those with some guitar experience and others with music experience. Mervin is a great teacher with a lot of patience.

The rehearsals for Children’s Day gave me a first-hand appreciation of how much time and effort goes into preparing for each week’s service – something I suspect many of us under appreciate.

It was a pleasure to be adopted for the day by such talented musicians and to benefit from their coaching. Thank you, Shu-Lyn, David, Joseph and Sylvia. Your music, energy and enthusiasm lift everyone’s spirits.

The most striking part of this experience was how I felt closer and more connected to the Lord when playing - an emotional connection that transcended anything I have experienced when singing as part of the congregation. I now find that connection whenever I play gospel music by myself.

I pray that others will find this same connection.

Simon Israel had attended a guitar course organised by the CCMC Worship Ministry.

Coached by Mervin John, the guitar course was held on Mondays from 15 August to 19 September 2022.


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