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That You May Believe

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

John Series Online

by Rev Ian Lee

Ongoing 30-minute devotionals from the Gospel of John.

New episodes will be uploaded weekly.

Please consider using it for yourself, your small group or even with your family.

Here are the links to videos:

Episode 1 - The Word Pt 1

Jesus is the answer to these questions:

How are we here?

Why are we here?

Episode 2 - The Word Pt 2

We find meaning and purpose in the person of Jesus Christ and having a relationship with Him.

Episode 3 - New Israel

Jesus came to change us.

Episode 4 - The Wedding Pt 1

What it took for Jesus to be the Bridegroom at the heavenly banquet.

Episode 5 - The Wedding Pt 2

Trust Jesus. He wants to give us abundant life.

Episode 6 - The Teacher Pt 1

Jesus wants a relationship which allows Him to transform us.

Episode 7 - The Teacher Pt 2

We are nothing without the new life that God breathes in us.

Episode 8 - The Woman at the Well Pt 1

Our hearts will be restless until we find our rest in Jesus.

Episode 9 - The Woman at the Well Pt 2

How well you know Jesus determines how you relate to Him.

Episode 10 - The Healed

We may seek Jesus, but Jesus seeks for us.

Episode 11 - The Sabbath

Bringing completion to the big picture.

Episode 12 - The Passover

The God who is control and provides.

Episode 13 - The Living Water

Future Hope and Past Faithfulness.

Episode 14 - The Light of the World

Direction and presence.

Episode 15 - The Blind and the Seeing

Embracing the disqualified.

Episode 16 - The Good Shepherd

The only way and the only one.

Episode 17 - The Feast of Dedication

Coming to terms with Jesus

Episode 18 - The Family Tragedy

The hope and tears of Jesus

Episode 19 - Enter the King

A King on His own terms

Episode 20 - The Way of the Servant

Intentional servanthood

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