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  • Alicia Tan

Singing Praise Once Again at Sunday Service

by Alicia Tan

Sunday 3 April marked a huge milestone in the easing of Safe Management Measures.

CCMC held for the first time in a long while a service in which the congregation could readily walk in for worship without pre-registration and sing praise out loud.

Although masks are still required to be worn, the congregation sang with gusto, thankful to be able to once again worship aloud through praise. It was also apt that it was Holy Communion.

CCMC member Mr Sam Ding attended service with his family and shared: "It was so cathartic this morning to be able to sing with the rest of the church family during worship, albeit under our masks. Because for the longest time it had been a truncated worship experience not being allowed to join our voices in singing praises to God during worship service, and I felt like just being an audience instead of a participant. Also, the pleasure of mingling with friends at the concourse after service in a more relaxed setting was another thing I have found to be irreplaceable by virtual meetings."

Fellow member Mr Jonas Chua who assisted with Safe Entry check-ins concurred: “It was really good seeing so many members checking in for today’s service. We felt really blessed to be able to enjoy in-person fellowship and sing praise together.”

In addition to the 9am service, there is also a Mandarin Onsite Service on Sundays at 8:30am at the Chapel, One Community (OCYA) Onsite Service at 10am at Wesley Hall (every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month) and the Korean-English Online Service at 10:30am (every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month).

Do share the good news and encourage your Small Group and friends to attend onsite services from now on.


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