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A testimony by Maki Kuratani from CCMC's Japanese Ministry

I have been baking bread every week using natural yeast.

First thing in the morning, I’ll take the yeast out from the fridge and add flour. The dough will complete final fermentation by the evening. I always smile when I see the well-raised, fluffy, soft dough. The bread will be ready at around 9 pm. Preparing it is a whole-day process. I enjoy eating the bread that I bake every morning with my husband. I do wonder if he is bored of eating the same thing daily. As for me, I treasure the conversation we have while we eat together.

Recently, a church friend shared that she used organic yeast to make bread. Her dough failed to rise well and hence the bread was hard. So, I also tried using organic yeast. Indeed, the bread turned out to be hard, tasted sour and failed to rise. It didn’t taste good at all although it took so much effort and time.

I came to Singapore more than 10 years ago. I am grateful that I am able to find jobs despite numerous job changes. This would be impossible if I were to live in Japan. But deep in my heart, I felt something was missing. I was blessed with many things, but yet I still felt unsatisfied and frustrated. I did my best, and I always tried to do the right things, yet my dissatisfaction with life never seemed to end. For a long time, the monotonous routine of juggling work and housework gave me no inspiration nor meaning in life. My life was like the bread made of organic yeast - it was sour, hard and stagnated.

In May 2016, I married a Singaporean who is a Christian. His uncle is a pastor and most of his family and relatives are Christians as well. Even before I got married, I attended several church events with him. Due to the language barrier, I had difficulty understanding the sermons. I felt isolated and lonely. “Why do Christians celebrate and rejoice upon the death of Jesus who was crucified on the cross?” This really puzzled me.

My husband always keeps calm even when I am anxious and irritated. At times, I am frustrated by his calmness. Witnessing his faith in God created a lot of question marks in my head.

In November 2018, prior to the Covid pandemic, I stumbled upon a seminar that was organized by the CCMC Japanese Christian Fellowship (CCJCF) on the internet entitled “God, Our Creator - An Introduction to Jesus Christ”. A talk conducted in Japanese was rare and I was motivated to sign up. When I thought about it now, I feel that God was leading the way.

In year 2020, during the spread of the pandemic, I was invited to attend the monthly Alpha Course organized by CCJCF. The members of CCJCF were friendly and patiently answered all my questions. They were helpful to someone like me who was still learning to understand God and the Word of God.

Last July, I participated in the "Online Fellowship for Japanese Women" by CCJCF and shared about feeling isolated and lonely when I listen to English sermons. After that, a “Japanese Ladies Small Group" was formed by Sister Yuka Kwan from CCJCF and CCJCF ministry partner Aoi Takano. This small group is intended for those who share similar experiences and who want to know about basic Christianity in Japanese. Learning the scriptures from the Bible in our mother tongue helped us to bond together. We also encouraged and supported each other in prayer. I have never experienced such loving spiritual sisterhood until then. I tried to read the Bible many times before but I always ended up giving up half way. However, ever since I joined this small group, I started to pick up the habit of reading the Bible daily and I enjoy reading it. During the last session of the “Basic Christianity” course, I decided to accept God as my Saviour as I felt the Holy Spirit working in me.

Now, I wake up earlier than my husband on Sunday, and I look forward to attending church service, listening to the sermon and fellowshipping in church. A year ago, I could never imagine that my life can be so enriched. After knowing God, my heart is filled with God’s love, and my days are so fulfilling. I also thank God for His sacrifice on the cross for us.

I believe that God has been putting yeast into my life. He has been patiently working on me and allowing my faith to slowly ferment and grow. The frustration and loneliness that I felt have now disappeared completely, and I have been set free. I thank God for sending these loving, caring brothers and sisters in Christ and CCJCF members to me.

Watching the bread rise slowly in the oven this week made me smile as I know that is exactly how God is working in my life.

As Jesus said in a parable in Matthew 13:33: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.” 









昨年7月、CCJCF主催の「日本人女性のためのオンライン・フェローシップ」に参加した際、英語礼拝で孤立感を抱いたという悩みを打ち明けました。聞いてくださった有志の高野あおい伝道師とクワン有花姉妹が、同じような悩みを持った日本人女性を集め、「日本人女性スモールグループ」を作り、キリスト教入門講座(Christianity Explained)を開催してくださいました。母語である日本語で福音の基礎を学び、参加者たちとは励まし合い、支え合い、祈り合い、今まで経験したことがなかった愛に溢れる霊的姉妹の関係になりました。また、何度挑戦しても途中で挫折をした聖書通読も、このグループに参加してから、一切飽きることなく聖書を毎日読む習慣ができ、御言葉に触れ、それを味わう喜びも知りました。最後のセッションでは、聖霊様の働きにより、イエス様を受け入れてみようと信仰に導かれました。そして、今では主人より早く起床し、毎週教会へ通うようになり、礼拝での説教や礼拝後の兄弟姉妹たちとの交わりをいつも楽しみにしています。




天の国はパン種に似ている。女がこれを取って三サトンの粉に混ぜると、やがて全体が膨れる。(マタイの福音書 第13章33節)


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