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  • Michelle Han

Peace Be With You!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

By Michelle Han

Have you ever wondered what goes on in CCMC Mandarin Service? Here are some testimonies from their congregants, as shared with Loaves+Fishes.


"I knew about CCMC English online service since 2019. I joined CCMC Chinese service since December 2022. I have known Christ since I was 18 years old, 39 years ago. CCMC Mandarin service is truly worshipping God, and the Holy Spirit is dwelling in our midst. The service message has life in it. Blessed almost every Sunday."

Isaac, part of Worship team


"My husband Isaac brought me here. I found the fellowship to be very warm, and I felt very loved. Praying for the Lord to lead and help us to attract more people to praise and worship Him in His sanctuary."

Grace, part of Worship team

"We got to know CCMC Mandarin service by calling the contact number on the CCMC wall advertisement. Sister Du Qin invited us to the Mandarin service. We are still quite new.

Less than 3 years that we have been worshipping since April 2021. CCMC Mandarin service is a very warm and friendly family.

We really feel like home here. It’s a blessing that we can grow spiritually together with so many sisters and brothers here."

Sun Jin and Ail, part of Worship team

"I knew about CCMC Mandarin Service through my boyfriend, and I have known Christ for about two years. CCMC Mandarin Service is a close-knit community that fosters meaningful connections through God. Members of the group build relationships, both within the church and beyond, through regular gatherings, and cultivate a sense of belonging, unity and mutual support. It is always a warm and pleasant experience for me attending CCMC Mandarin Service."

Si Jia, part of Worship team

“It is superb. I am not good in the Chinese language, but yet I find myself totally immersed and overwhelmed by the LORD’s love delivered through the poignant hymns and sermons. Each verse speaks to each individual’s circumstances so personally.

My late father really enjoyed the service. God’s words touched him so deeply. He felt the Lord’s love and was overflowing with joy. Praise the Lord, he accepted Christ, learnt Christ’s ways and eventually found his eternal peace. Together with Reverend Ho and Hwee Lan from the English service, Reverend Yeo and the church members from the Mandarin service did a beautiful send-off for my dad at his funeral. Thank you, CCMC!

Similarly, the Mandarin service has been very kind and generous to my mother, who found Christ at the same time as my dad. By the Grace of God again, the Mandarin service member Ms. Wendy continues to minister to my mother at her home in between church services. The strong fellowship kept her close to the Lord. You don’t need to be good in Mandarin to receive God’s words and his love at the Mandarin service. Peace be with you!”

Cynthia, congregant from English Worship Service


Has your poor command of Mandarin prevented you from sharing your faith with others?

Prayerfully consider inviting them to Sunday Service at our Chapel. Do our best and God will do the rest!


Mandarin services and sessions @ CCMC:

  • Sunday 9am Worship Service at Chapel, L3

  • Saturday Weekly Prayer Meet and Bible Study (8:45 – 10:45am) via Zoom

  • Saturday Evening Monthly Young Adults’ Fellowship via Zoom


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