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New Local Church Executive Committee elected

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

by Goh Eck Kheng

The Covenant Community Methodist Church Last Local Conference was held via Zoom for the first time at 8 pm on 22 September 2020. Chaired by Rev Stanley Chua, District Superintendent (District 4). 46 participants were in attendance with 28 voting members.

After a false start due to technical reasons, the meeting began at 8.16 pm.

The meeting recognized the faithful service of members who have requested to step down from their positions in the LCEC; some have come back to serve in other new positions:

Tan Buck Chye (after 9 years as Lay Leader)

Mrs Tan Ming Ying (Associate Lay Leader)

Mrs Phang Boo Suan (Treasurer)

Nicholas Au-Yong (Steward for Finance, Property Committee Vice Chair)

Manfred Seah (Church Governance Committee)

Patrick Han (Small Group Committee Chair)

Mrs Clarissa Soo (Church School Committee Chair)

Mrs Joycelyn Chow (Missions Committee Chair)

Nicholas Tham (Warmth Committee Chair)

Mrs Chau Siew Lin (Recording Secretary)

Local Church Executive Committee

The following were elected after being proposed by the Nomination committee, chaired by our Pi/c – Rev Dr Malcolm Tan:

Chairman: BG (Ret) David Koh

Vice-Chairman: Patrick Han

Lay Leader: Leslie Wong

Associate Lay Leader: Patrick Han

Associate Lay Leader: Mrs Hau Yin Siau

Finance: Lee Khuay Chye

Treasurer: Mdm Lee Bee Tin

Recording Secretary: Mrs Tjio Bee Ann

Church Archivist: Goh Eck Kheng

Church Governance: Galen Tan

Discipleship and Nurture: BG (NS) Chia Choon Hoong

Church School: Mrs Chau Siew Lin

Communications: Goh Eck Kheng

Family Life: Mrs Marlene Koh

Missions: Mark Chim

Outreach and Social Concerns: Leslie Wong

Prayer and Intercession: Lee Ming Ying

Property management: Tan Sek Tim

Witness and Evangelism: James Lee

Worship and Music: Calvin Chong

Small Groups: Tan Seng Hock

Young Adults: Ernest Chuang

Youth: Ms Laura Ong

Sembawang Family Service Centre Management: Mrs April Ong

Pastor Parish Relations & Staff Committee

Chairman: Lee Ming Ying

Recording Secretary: Mrs Hau Yin Siau


David Koh (LCEC Chair)

Leslie Wong (Lay Leader)

Goh Eck Kheng (Pastor’s Nominee)

Calvin Chong

Teo Ek Kee

Nominations Committee (3 new members were added):

Mrs Tjio Bee Ann

Goh Eck Kheng

Patrick Han

Local Preachers:


The following had their existing Local Preachers’ License renewed:

Anton Chan Lian Seng

Miss Lau Shi-Mei

Joseph Lim Chu Un

Tan Buck Chye

Willian Tan

Miss Yeo Hwee Lan


Ms Du Qin had her Local Preacher’s License from Barker Road Methodist Church (BRMC) reinstated in CCMC

New Candidate

Miss Genevieve Goh was presented and approved as a candidate to receive the Local Preachers’ License which should be given to her at the coming TRAC session in November


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