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  • Alicia Tan

Korean Service Resumes in Church

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

by Dr Ong Ai Choo

On Sunday 8 October 2022, the Korean Ministry at CCMC resumed onsite worship service. This was a major step of faith since it went online during COVID-19 restrictions. Held at Mindspace in CCMC at MGS, the service adopted a hybrid model, being onsite as well as reaching online congregants via Zoom. Altogether, 28 members attended this milestone event. It was an inspiring service and the sermon spoke deeply to us: "The Stop is a new Beginning."

Several members shared their thoughts about the onsite service. In particular, Bokyoung, a longtime committed Korean member of KMCCMC, shared her feelings about going onsite for Sunday worship: “It’s like a homecoming to a precious family. I have received so much love and care in the Korean ministry (KM). There was strong bonding with everyone helping and supporting one another. Without their love and support, I couldn’t be here.

"KM also gave me a stronger connection to my Heavenly Father. The sharing and personal conversations about Christianity were very helpful for me. My spiritual life was nurtured and strengthened. During the pandemic years of social isolation, I felt very lonely. I lost the sense of Father God’s love. Church members texted me messages to encourage me. I had a strong feeling of being protected by God. He sent me to this church with angels to help me.

"Also, I feel very grateful to my Korean pastor, Pastor Park who helped to nurture my Christian faith. I was excited when he informed me about the Korean-English service resuming onsite and encouraged me to attend. I wanted to help as I feel deeply committed to KM, and I’m excited about returning to church for onsite worship. I feel great joy that I can worship with the precious KM family and renew the bonds of fellowship."

Dr Megan Pee, who assists in Zoom technical service and is a Sunday school teacher, had the opportunity to experience and witness the power of physical presence of corporate worship. She shared: “Everyone was so happy to meet friends, some of whom they had only seen on Zoom. So it’s the first time to meet and introduce ourselves. Everyone is full of smiles, and so pleased to make friends and know someone mutual. A hug, a pat, and a smile… the feeling of being cared… The atmosphere was very warm, positive and happy.

“There’s so much positive energy and power in worshipping. The shared physical space and time helped all of us to focus on God and the sermon without distraction. There is a peaceful calmness as we worshipped together. We experienced the special presence of Jesus. It makes us feel reverence for God. It is as if we were transported to a place of worship and peace. It’s a place of calm and a place of joy.”


The pandemic has been a very tough time for many people because of self-isolation. With the lifting of social restrictions, there is a resurgence of joy and vibrancy as the church can meet together in the house of the Lord in corporate worship. Looking forward, we can continue to organise events and activities such as birthdays, thanksgiving and social recreations to enjoy and encourage one another and strengthen the bonds of Christian love, faith and hope.

Birthday Celebrations with (Basic English Class (BEC) 24 August 2022.

Chuseok Celebration on 14 September 2022

BBQ Party on 10 September 2022

Concluding words

Our God is the God of new beginnings... Isaiah 43:18-19

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the things of old. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland…”

By faith, we trust God for great and mighty things He alone can accomplish in and through us for the furtherance of His kingdom. To God be the glory!

The Korean worship service in CCMC is held every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month) at 10:30am at the MGS Mindspace Room on Level 2.


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