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Japanese Christian Fellowship

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

By Wendy Boey and Anton Chan

The Covenant Community Japanese Christian Fellowship (CCJCF) started on 24 April 2017 with one Japanese lady joining a small group. We have been guided by these verses in the bible to grow this Fellowship:

“for the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10, NIV)

“I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” (Rev 3:8 NIV)

From our humble beginning, with just one Japanese, we are grateful and blessed to see His hand moving in the gradual expansion of the Fellowship’s activities that are currently attended by more than 30 Japanese in the Japanese community in Singapore, Japan and other parts of the world.

Monthly Japanese Teaching Fellowship

This monthly fellowship meeting is conducted in Japanese by Mr Kato Yutaro, our ministry partner, via Zoom on a Saturday afternoon. The teachings are bible-based, covering a range of topics such as God’s existence and the love of Christ in the midst of suffering. On average, there are 25 to 30 participants – mainly Japanese living or working in Singapore and Japan. Some of the teaching fellowship and other activities can be accessed here:

The above session took place on Saturday 29 October at 3 pm via Zoom. There was a total of 14 participants with 10 Japanese from Singapore and Japan. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. The last session for the year will be on Saturday 26 November at 3 pm with Yutaro Kato as the resident speaker.

Japanese Gospel Choir

The Hallelujah SG Choir currently comprises about 15 regular members, all Japanese ladies. The group meets monthly to practice at CCMC, Wesley Hall or at one of the members’ homes. There are plans to collaborate with CCMC’s worship ministry/choir to sing at special Church events, whenever appropriate opportunities arise (e.g. Christmas outreach).

The choir has recorded two worship songs for Christmas:

1. “Angels we have heard on high” in Japanese

2. “Joy to the world” in Japanese

Japanese Gospel Choir

Bible Study in English for Japanese

We used the Alpha course materials in English (with Japanese subtitles in the Alpha video) to reach out to the Japanese community who are interested to know more about the Christian Faith. The average attendance is between six and eight participants.

Japanese Ladies Small Group

Ms Yuka Kwan (CCJCF committee member) has conducted introductory courses on the Christian Faith (e.g. Basic Christianity), together with our ministry partner Ms Aoi Takano (living in Japan) to Japanese seekers or young Christians. The duration of each course is about six weeks. We praise God that eight Japanese ladies have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior through these sessions. One new Japanese convert, Ms Maki Kuratani, has written a testimony which has been published on the Loaves+Fishes online magazine.

Bible-based Trauma Healing Workshop

This workshop – an experiential group therapy using art – was tailored to reach out to Japanese people living in Singapore who have experienced trauma in one form or another, as a journey of self-discovery and healing that is bible-based. The six-session workshop was conducted by Ms Tomomi Hiraide-Wong, an experienced Japanese counsellor and OMF missionary living in Singapore. It was conducted via Zoom once a month, from Jun to Nov 2022. There were eight participants (five from Japan and three from Singapore). Ms Yuka Kwan was part of the workshop to support the facilitator.

Prayer Meeting

Monthly prayer meetings are held via Zoom. The CCJCF Committee comes together to pray for upcoming CCJFC activities, ministry partners, the committee members as well as CCJFC’s ministry work.

Missions work in Japan

Mr Ban Satoharu (CCJCF Committee member) and Mr Anton Chan (CCMC Lay Ministry Staff) will be travelling to Japan in November 2022 to explore missions work in Fukuoka and Yamanashi. May the Lord lead and guide us to where we will land our feet to start the missions work in Japan.


Running a Japanese ministry can be filled with difficulties and challenges. However, we thank God that we have strongly committed and faithful CCJCF Committee members who have a heart for the Japanese community, with support from two Japanese committee members – Ms Yuka Kwan and Mr Ban Satoharu. Above all, it is the faithfulness of the Lord that has been sustaining us and leading us to expanding the sphere of our outreach. Please support and pray for this ministry by bringing Japanese friends or colleagues to join in CCJCF’s activities.

We praise God for the faithfulness of the Japanese Ministry Team. They love the Lord and sacrifice their time and talent to serve in the CCJCF.

Clockwise top: Michael Wong, Cheryl Kee, Zoe Chan, Yuka Kwan, Anton Chan and Wendy Boey. Left to Right bottom: Esther Mak and Ban Satoharu

For more information, please contact Anton Chan


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