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  • Alicia Tan

I see God

An anonymous Young Adult’s reflections on CCMC Church Camp 2023.

i see God in one offering half of the meat on his plate to others;

i see God in another generously blessing a meal to his sisters & brothers.

i see God in journey mercies and protection despite risks & danger;

i see God in genuine/vulnerable conversations, and see-you-laters.

i see God in openness & humility across generations;

i see God in them celebrating the gifts and heart behind preparations.

i see God in perseverance to love and pursue so that a friend never feels alone;

i see God in a heart that carries the burdens of her friend, so she would not have to do it on her own.

i see God in united rejoicing for one who wants to know Jesus deeper;

and i see God in the conviction of the gospel – to love, grow deeper & reach wider.

i see God.


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