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Consider the Flowers

by Goh Eck Kheng

Unusual roses to brighten any day.

At this time when we don’t go out unless necessary, having a vase of beautiful flowers at home can provide some cheer.

This is where proves useful. It’s a strange name for a shop that specialises in premium roses from famous breeders like David Austin, Meilland Jardin and Parfum that are cultivated in Kenya and Columbia, two of the top rose-producing countries in the world.

You can get red, white and yellow blooms of course, but it’s the ivory, lilac, tea and other unusual-coloured ones what will bring gasps of delight. So too will those that have more than 50 petals forming each flower and the ones that are as big as the palm of your hand when fully bloomed.

Bundles come in five stems to a dozen together with flower food and clear handling and care instructions. Kampong Flowers deliver the roses in stems, not in arrangements, but roses as beautiful as these just need to be put in a simple vase to be enjoyed.

The cost is equivalent to if not less than a bouquet from an on-line florist.


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