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Amazing Answer to an Audacious Prayer

Updated: May 27, 2023

by Anita Fam

On the night of 25 May, Sharon Chung, Samantha Woo, Elaine Yeo, my husband, Eck Kheng, and I took part in 'Declare', a 72-hour event when people from many churches read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It was a wonderful time of proclaiming God’s Word and a very precious time of worship.

Whilst driving home, we decided to swing by the Rochor Rd Beancurd/youtiao place for supper. Knowing how notoriously crowded it can be at 10.30 pm and how difficult it is to get a table, I prayed a rather audacious, cheeky prayer en route asking God to give us a table.

When we arrived, Eck Kheng , Sharon and Sam got out of the car and walked purposefully to the stall. I had assumed that they had spied an empty table and were walking quickly to get it. It turned out that wasn’t the case. The only two tables there were occupied and there was also a line of people waiting to buy their supper.

As I got out of the car and walked past the alleyway adjacent to the stall, I saw hundreds of cockroaches (and I’m not exaggerating! ) on the two walls of the alleyway as well as all over the alleyway floor. The cockroaches were everywhere and more than half of the walls and floor were covered in cockroaches! I’d never seen so many cockroaches in my entire life! They had also starting encroaching into the area where four young strapping men were sitting at one of the two tables. I could see that the young men were getting nervous.

As we were lining up for the tauhuay, we saw the young men stand up and move away from the table, leaving their half-eaten food. They were giving up the table. Meanwhile, Sam exclaimed, “Baygon!” and Eck Kheng proclaimed, “Be gone!” … and then … ALL the cockroaches went away!!!!!

As a result, we got the table which we had so audaciously prayed for … with no cockroaches to boot. The only evidence of there ever having been cockroaches is this photo of the one and only one stomped on by one of the young men.

God has the most extraordinary sense of humour and the greatest creativity. He answered our audacious prayer in the most amazing of ways. What makes it even better is that Sharon told us after the fact that she is scared of all types of creepy crawlies except for … cockroaches!

God showed us that He is concerned not only about the big things in our lives but also the small!

To Him be the glory!!!


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